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Genre Free Music and Mirth

A collection of whatever blows my hair back gathered from all over the Internet...and beyond!

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And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Todd Snider - Vinyl Records

Absynth Quintet

 Couch Burnin' Song


Blog Posts

Beat Jazz - Pictures From A Gone World - Vol. 2

Posted by madeline burke on April 16, 2014 at 10:22pm 1 Comment

Released on the Pesky Serpent label after volume one was, as the saying goes, real real gone. Nonetheless a fingersnappin' set of goatee growers, bent bop tunes, slang poetry & crazy cookin' cats that're really on the stick. They're all here: Dexter Gordon's rival Wardell Gray (who improvised the melody that later became Annie Ross' 'Twisted'), lip-flapper Babs Gonzales (who wrote the song 'Oop Pop a Da' for Dizzy Gillespie), Nat Cole's slicker-n-shit guitarist Oscar Moore, psychiatry-lounge singer Katie Lee, Chicago-pianist-turned-sound-effects-freak Mel Henke.

"Beat poetry, hip Jazz and Be-Bop with the feel of a smoky club underground club in the early '60s, make this one of the coolest compilations you'll ever hear.


Tracklisting: Buddy Collette-Jungle Pipe, Kenyon Hopkins-Let Me Out, Amus Moore-The Hip Men, Wardell Greay-5 Star, Young Tiger-Calypso Be, Babs Gonzales-Lullaby of the Doomed, Muhamed Habeebalah-Sneaking, Ernie Andrews-Green Gin, Oscar Moore-Kenya, Early Zell-Aunt Woo Wa, Katie Lee-Sick Sounds, John Lewis Trio & Millie-Snake Hips, Bing Day-Mama's Place, Maxwell H Brock-Bucket of Blood, Joya Sherril-Desdemona's Lament, Mel Henke-Shock Treatment.…


On being. (or stoned again)

Posted by Grim Reefer on April 12, 2014 at 9:14pm 0 Comments

"You know, it's funny how people just want to believe what's convenient

Nothing happens on purpose, it's an accident if it happens at all

And everything that's happening to us seems like it's happening without our consent

But we're busy talking back and forth to our shadows on an old stone wall".


That my friends pours off the page like burning coals....or something like that.

.......Its a truism, i believe, that the work of the artist, whatever the medium of expression, is only half complete without a receptor, an entity capable of and compelled to bring something of themselves to the work.  .....the cosmic alchemy that transforms the prosaic mechanics of oil on canvas, word on paper, or music in the air...into a shared experience spanning boundaries of space and time..also provides a glimpse into the depths......that prove our humanity...and whisper of immortality.

   The performer walks a tightrope.

The poets and painters have fled the scene

The novelist hides between pages and pokes his thoughts into adjectives.......

The performer walks a tightrope.

"........See the man with the stage fright........"…


Remembering Hound Dog Taylor - (April 12, 1915 - December 17, 1975)

Posted by madeline burke on April 12, 2014 at 11:33am 0 Comments

When Theodore Roosevelt "Hound Dog" Taylor sat down on his battered folding chair, slipped his steel slide onto his six-fingered left hand and tore into one of his foot-stomping shuffles, supercharged boogies or a searing slow blues, he had one thing in mind--making people forget their troubles, either by dancing or by immersing themselves in the deepest of bottleneck blues. And whether he was playing for old friends at one of Chicago's inner-city bars or for thousands of college kids and hippies at clubs and campuses around the country, Taylor's music never changed. With just two guitars and a drum set, Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers created a rocked-out, hypnotic, ultra-danceable sound that is as emotionally powerful and wildly energizing today as it was the day they produced it.

Perhaps the only polydactyl bluesman ever or, at least the most famous, Hound Dog Taylor is one of my favorite blues artists. Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor was 55 when a young man by the name of Bruce Iglauer was at one of his shows. Iglauer was so impressed, he started Alligator records for the express purpose of releasing albums by Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers. I can’t say I blame him as I absolutely love Taylor’s raw, energetic blues.  Simple, gritty shake yer booty music and not the overly polished & honed stuff that I’ve heard around town. I first started listening to Hound Dog in the mid-90s after a girlfriend left me for another man. I think I played “She’s Gone” about a million times while drowning my sorrows in a glass. I’m sorry but local acts like Westside Andy and the Mel Ford Band just wouldn’t work – they can’t cut close enough…


Bob Geddins' Cava-Tone Records Story

Posted by madeline burke on April 11, 2014 at 1:20pm 0 Comments

Acrobat Records (UK) presents "Bob Geddins' Cava-Tone Records Story 1946-49," featuring 24 ground-breaking tracks from the Oakland, California blues, gospel and R&B producer.

1 Prison Bound - Fulson, Lowell

2 My Baby Left Me - Fulson, Lowell

3 Nobody's Business - Geddins, Bob Cavaliers & Jimmy Wilson

4 Ghost Riders - Geddins, Bob Cavaliers & Jimmy Wilson

5 Bad Luck And Trouble - McCracklin, Jimmy

6 Railroad Blues - McCracklin, Jimmy

7 Poor Boy - James, Ulysses

8 Stormin' And Rainin' - Fulson, Lowell

9 Jimmy's Blues - McCracklin, Jimmy

10 Lonesome Blues - Franklin, Emery

11 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie - Wilson, Jimmy & Scat Man Crothers

12 Mistake In Life - Wilson, Jimmy

13 Ain't No Fault Of Mine - Roy Hawkins

14 They Raided The Joint - Roy Hawkins

15 September Song - King, Saunders

16 Nobody Wants Me - King, Saunders

17 When Your Lover Has Gone - King, Saunders

18 Big Fat Butterfly - King, Saunders

19 Brother Moses - Rising Star Gospel Singers

20 While The Blood Is Running Warm In Your Veins - Rising Star Gospel Singers

21 I Trust In God - Rising Star Gospel Singers

22 Telephone Line - Rising Star Gospel Singers

23 I'm So Tired I Could Cry - Geddins, Bob Cavaliers

24 West Side Jump (Boogie Boy Boogie) - West Side Trio

Bob Geddins and sons, early 1980s…


Wes Race - The Full Vout

Posted by madeline burke on March 22, 2014 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

Hipsters, Daddy-O’s, Cool Cats and Kittens, I’ve got but two words for you ... Wes Race!

Do you know what real is? Wes Race ...

Do you know what funky is? Wes Race ...

Do you know what truth is? Wes Race ...

Knock Knock. Do you know what Cryptic Whalin’ is? Wes Race ...

Wes lays out the seamy under belly that exists within us all, the fear of black helicopters, the notion that Agent Mulder may just have been right, the frustration with not finding Twin Peaks on any map, and the plan we all have tucked away, for what we’d do when we hit the lottery ... yet we never play.

Wes rolls with some outrageous stories, all set to a funky bass line, infectious organ, and a hard driving guitar that are spurred on by a fine Boogie Woogie piano. All this fans the flames of some fast talking banter that will have you down on your knees, with an ear to ear smile, sure that you’ve found god ... though an escaped disciple of the devil turned grifter car salesman, is more aptly the case.

This is hipster jive at it’s very best, all played out in a smokey bar, where William Burroughs sells dope in the restroom, where Ken Nordine shows up at every performance, where Jack Kerouac has a permanently reserved table, where Lenny Bruce is serving drinks, and Hunter Thompson is finally sitting quietly with his mouth wide open.

You know what you should be checking out? Wes Race ... You’re going to have to trust me on this one, but for those of you game for an adventure, this is your first stop.…


Funky Friday the 13th - It's Bad y'Know

Posted by madeline burke on December 13, 2013 at 6:07am 0 Comments



Early Ernest Tubb in his Jimmie Rodgers days



R.L. Burnside - It's Bad You Know…


Interview: Robert Crumb on the Death of Authentic Rural Music

Posted by madeline burke on December 6, 2013 at 6:07am 0 Comments

Interview: Robert Crumb on the Death of Authentic Rural Music


Interview: Robert Crumb on the Death of Authentic Rural Music

Crumb is celebrated for many reasons, most famously as “the father of underground commix,” and his celebrity is such he’s retreated across the Atlantic to this idyllic village. “From shack to chateau” he subtitled his 1997 R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book. The chateau’s interior – narrow stairways, large rooms, cool against the afternoon’s heat and dark – suggests our desire to have well lit homes was not a consideration a millennium ago.

Crumb, wife (and fellow artist) Aline Kominsky-Crumb and daughter Sophie shifted here in 1991, fortuitously escaping the release of Terry Zwigoff’s 1994 documentary feature Crumb. Brilliant as Zwigoff’s film is, it hugely inflated Crumb’s notoriety, establishing him as perhaps the most recognisable American artist since Andy Warhol. Yet where Warhol courted celebrity Crumb shuns it.



Crumb leads me into his study. This is the room of legend, often photographed so to display his magnificent, 5,000-strong 78 record collection alongside all kinds of toys, framed 78s (in their original sleeves), black & white photos of blues and jazz musicians and licensed Crumb memorabilia. In the far left corner sits his desk, drawing board, pens and…


Happy Birthday Little Richard! A Wop Bop A Lu Mop A Wop Bam BOOM!

Posted by madeline burke on December 5, 2013 at 10:33am 3 Comments

Little Richard

LittleRichard.jpg (330580 bytes)

The screaming vocals, rattling keyboard style and outrageous showmanship of Little Richard set the standard for the flamboyant excess rock 'n' roll has come to symbolize.

Little Richard - Black Diamond (Live at Boston 1970)

bar.gif (3285 bytes)

Richard Wayne Penniman was born December 5, 1932 one of twelve children. His father Charles "Bud" Penniman was a Seventh Day Adventist preacher who sold moonshine on the side. Richard grew up on a dirt street in an impoverished section of Macon, Georgia. Music was everywhere. Street vendors and evangelist who paraded down his block would sing as loud as they could, whether selling vegetables or religion, to get attention of folks inside. All the neighborhood sang freely as well, improvising on spiritual songs to keep them company as they worked. Some gospel singers, particularly Marion Williams of the Clara Ward singers, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Mahalia Jackson had a profound influence on Richard.

As a youngster he sang gospel with the Penniman Singers and Tiny Tots Quartet. Richard had an infectious, hyperactive personality that was contagious and made him popular, but also got him into trouble and his homosexuality didn't help matters and he left home to dance to draw customer in a traveling medicine. By age fifteen he was a regular with Sugarfoot Sam's Minstrel Show.

In 1951 at 18 he won a talent contest in Atlanta that led to a recording contract with RCA Victor. Four records were recorded that went nowhere.

A local…


Lenny Bruce

Posted by madeline burke on October 12, 2013 at 9:25pm 1 Comment

 Lenny Bruce

The man who spawned modern comedy, Lenny Bruce was born today in 1925. Instead of a selection of his well-known monologues from stage and TV appearances, here is Dance Hall Racket, a low budget exploitation movie, which Bruce wrote and starred in, alongside his wife Honey Harlow, and Timothy Farrell as Umberto Scialli. Produced by George Weiss (best known as the producer of Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda?), Dance Hall Racket was the third of the Umberto Scialli films, following on from Devil’s Sleep and Racket Girls, in which Scialli was killed. Dance Hall Racket is a quirky, trashy, Z-movie, and leaves no clue to the Lenny Bruce who would, within the decade, start a revolution in comedy.

Leonard Alfred Schneider (13th October 1925 - 3rd August 1966), better known by the stage name Lenny Bruce, was an extremely influential and controversial American stand-up comedian, writer, social critic and satirist of the 1950s and 1960s, whose comedy revolved heavily around the social stigmas and taboos of the era in which he lived. His 1964 conviction in an obscenity trial was followed by a posthumous pardon, the first in New York state history. Despite his prominence as a comedian, Bruce appeared on network television only six times in his life. In his later club performances Bruce was known for relating the details of his encounters with the police directly in his comedy routine; his criticism encouraged the police to subject him to maximum scrutiny. These performances often included rants…


Harry Nilsson - One The Best of Nilsson

Posted by madeline burke on August 5, 2013 at 10:56am 1 Comment

One: The Best of Nilsson offers up 36 tracks from the beloved late singer/songwriter and "Lost Weekend with John Lennon" enabler. There are a fair amount of Harry Nilsson compilations available and this one's as good as the best of them, providing listeners with an even-handed mix of hits ("Coconut," "Everybody's Talking," "Without You," and the "Moonbeam Song") and oddities ("Good Old Desk," "Puppy Song," "Think About Your Troubles"). While it may be a few tracks shy of 1995's Personal Best: The Harry Nilsson Anthology, One provides an excellent crash course in the genius of its author. ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi


1. Nilson - Without You (3:24)

2. Nilson - Everybody's Talkin' (2:51)

3. Nilson - 1942 (2:42)

4. Nilson - Guddly Toy (2:52)

5. Nilson - One (2:51)

6. Nilson - Good Old Desk (2:24)

7. Nilson - The Puppy Song (2:42)

8. Nilson - City Life (2:30)

9. Nilson - Moutnin' Glory Story (2:14)

10. Nilson - I Guess The Lord Must Be In Ne (2:44)

11. Nilson - Love Story (3:40)

12. Nilson - Living Without You (2:34)

13. Nilson - Me And My Arrow (2:07)

14. Nilson - Are You Sleeping (2:19)

15. Nilson - Think About You Troubles (2:51)

16. Nilson - Without Her (2:19)

17. Nilson - Coconut (3:49)

18. Nilson - The Moonbeam Song (3:23)…



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    "You know, it's funny how people just want to believe what's convenient Nothing happens on purpose, it's an accident if it happens at all And everything that's happening to us seems like it's happening without our consent But we're busy talking back…See More
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